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writesome: Whew. Thank god we’re through the Elizabeth streak…I love that they wonder why you don’t get back together. Uh…do they think you went through all the “breaking up” part, you know, for fun?
Haha, how odd! So many Elizabeths around! Thanks for your advice Jeff. Its been a while since I emailed you my question, so I had to deal with it on my ‘own’.
I openly spoke with him about my concens, stating that I respect their past and that I understand that she’s been a huge part of his life. I told him I trust him to know where the ‘line’ is and that he shouldn’t tell me everything that won’t concern me in a direct way. That way I won’t start freaking out (I tend to overthing and overanalyze..). I must say that this ’solution’ works pretty well for me.
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